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Help Me – A Motivational Story

Help Me – A Motivational Story

Help Me – A Motivational Story

Never Stand Begging For That
Which You Have The Power To Earn.
– Miguel de Carvantes

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Written, Edited and Directed by

Sarvjeet Kumar Singh
Help Me’s #Cast
Sandeep Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Rajan Kumar
Help Me’s #DOP
Amit Kumar Verma
Help Me’s #AssistantDirector
Kajal Singh

Presented by Red Dot Motion Pictures


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Addiction isn’t solely a retardant for Bharat, however additionally an entire world. And its biggest victim is today’s younger generation. This film “Malaal” relies on the matter.

An attempt has been created to point out through the short film “Malaal” that initial time individuals consume medicine solely within the style of hobbies, however short they become habituated. Owing to that most of the people have a deadly sickness like cancer or some a part of the body stops operating owing to this.

Malaal story is that the story of a young man United Nations agency lives his life gayly along with his mate. However sooner or later once his friend provides him a drink, then he gets his habit. Owing to that man he perpetually is available in his house sottish. Sooner or later once he’s reaching to drink alcohol in his house, his mate threw a bottle of his wine and throws within the garbage, once that the person slap his mate, however, the stunning factor is that once slap the mate, the person doesn’t even inspect his mate. The flip within the story comes once he wakes up within the morning and sees that the last night… see this video “Malaal” to ascertain succeeding story.

The story of Malaal might not be supported verity incident however it’s necessary to hide several aspects of truth.

Ye Kaisa Ishq Hai

Ye Kaisa Ishq Hai

Ye Kaisa Ishq Hai’ film opens many aspects of love. Various stages in a love story from the beginning to the end have been underlined in this film ‘Ye Kaisa Ishq Hai’. How do two lovers love to live together with their dreams and how they separate from each other and see those same dreams being broken and they feel the pain of the tornado.

The story of ‘Yeh Kisa Ishq Hai‘, presented by Red Dot Motion Pictures, is briefly in this way. A boy name ‘Rihan’ and a girl name ‘Riya’ both love each other very much and want to get married, but for some reason, a fight starts in the day before marriage and the boy goes out of the house at that time in anger, but in the story The turn comes when he does not return home. The further story you will find out, after watching this movie ‘Ye Kaisa Ishq Hai‘.

Music is also included in this movie ‘Ye Kaisa Ishq Hai’. In this movie, the song is present in small pieces in nine parts. Who is sung by ‘Dev Singh’ and ‘Nikita Singh’ and compose by ‘Veerander Paul’.

In this story, the role of the actor was played by Sandeep Kumar, the role of the actress played by Poonam Chauhan. As a co-actor in this film, Amit Kumar Verma and Saurabh Kumar (Saroj) Yadav are also. Sarveet Kumar Singh is the director of the film ‘Yeh Kaisa Ishq Hai‘. Apart from this, the role of Kajal Singh, Pooja Bisht, Komal Upadhyay is also important in the creation of this film ‘Ye Kaisa Ishq Hai’.



A shameful lie typically stays with US as a SHADOW. that brings US to hardship on when or anytime. From that we tend to cannot escape the pursuit although we would want to. As we tend to cannot escape our SHADOW.

Lies typically hurt US. whether or not it is very very little or Brobdingnagian, its impact is sometimes wrong. and notably, the impact of the lie is dangerous, which might solely be spoken for its fate or among that another person is injured. we tend to showing this issue throughout this film “SHADOW“.

This motion picture “SHADOW” depends on this.