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Tu Hi Quran Hai – Valentine’s Day Special Song

Tu Hi Quran Hai – Valentine’s Day Special Song

Tu Hi Quran Hai

Tu hi hai zindagi,
Tu hi hai har khushi.
Tu hi khuda bhi hai,
Tu hi quran hai.

Tu door hai agar
Mausam udaas hain
Tu sath hai agar,
Puri har aas hai.

Maine padha nahi
Panna kitaab ka,
Tujhse mila hai jo
Mera khitaab hai.

Tu hi hai kal mera,
Tu mera aaj hai.
Jo lab na keh sake,
Tu hi wo raaz hai.

Lyrics by Sarvjeet Kumar Singh
Presents by Red Dot Motion Pictures
Edited by Sarvjeet Kumar Singh

LOVE CANDY: A Valentine’s Day Film

LOVE CANDY: A Valentine’s Day Film

The movie LOVE CANDY is titled Love Candy the entire effort of the meaningful connector of your title has been done in this film. Today’s youth have fallen behind love and affection in such a way that a small child is lying behind the candy. And she tries perfectly to get it and if she does not get the candy, then the fee falls behind the second candy.

The title LOVE CANDY of this movie can be called the life of this movie. As has been said above. Today, in college, students are crazy about love like they have been admitted here for all this. In what way the youth is understanding love and how is it changing their routine according to their understanding. This is shown in this LOVE CANDY movie.

This movie LOVE CANDY is based on the youth category who, after enrolling in college, starts looking for love and if they do not find love, then they are looking for another. And the process of finding their love goes on.