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Delhi On The Road: Gadh Of Rajniti

Delhi On The Road: Gadh Of Rajniti

Delhi is one of the metro city of India, from where the economic and political practices of India are governed. As well as being the capital of India, Delhi is also ahead in industrial and business area. Due to this, huge number of people come from rural areas looking for employment here.

The failure of the government to make the entire system run and to overcome the problems in it, is a sign of non-compulsion towards the government. Seeing the roads and streets of Delhi, there is a lot of garbage. Public and the government are both equally responsible behind it, which is depicted through Delhi On The Road: Gadh Of Rajniti Web Series.

The streets of Delhi make us aware of the problems and circumstances of Delhi. An attempt has been made to paint all these problems Delhi On The Road.

Through Delhi On The Road, we are trying to keep Delhi’s situation, problems and their causes in front of the audience.