Kanpuriya Husband Vs Wife

Kanpuriya Husband Vs Wife

For centuries there is one thing that has never changed, it is a fight between Husband Vs Wife. If it is considered to be a mystery from many mysteries of the world, then nothing will be wrong. Because no one has ever understood why husband can not do anything beyond his wife.

This film Kanpuriya Husband Vs Wife is based on the conflicts of this husband and wife. Where you will see debates between them in daily life. And here you will also be able to see how a husband or wife lives ahead of each other, but after all, the car wife can only win.

In this film, the husband mistakenly speaks his wife with some of his work, but the wife does not do her work for cultivating her robe and screaming at her name in the name of her brother. The further story is described in KANPURIYA HUSBAND VS WIFE.

This movie Kanpuriya Husband Vs Wife opens up many of the personal life of husband and wife through his paintings.

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